A SINGLE mum of four has finally published her first novel after 20 years in the making.

Katie Stuart began writing Sunlight and Slumber soon after her first three children, Jamie, 24, AJ, 23 and Andre, 22 were born.

It started out as a children's tale as she was always telling her kids bedtime stories.

But as the years went by and she kept coming back to it the novel slowly changed and is now more suitable for young adults and upwards.

Katie, 45, who lives in Totteridge said: "I am a single parent. Inbetween bringing up my family and working there has been not a lot of spare time to devote to the novel.

"I went self employed last year, which has given me the chance to get the novel completed."

It is a fantasy adventure about a young hero, Logan Guthrie, who goes on a quest for an older magician, who lives in the castle with him.

Logan needs to go to the wizard council to speak up for the older magician, but the truth is far deeper and darker than that.

Her son, Andre, took the photo on the front cover of her daughter, Jasmine, 19. All her children's surnames are Stuart-John.

Andre who works at John Lewis is a keen photographer.

Katie said as well as giving her son some publicity for her work the photo ties into the story as Jasmine's face is illuminated in the picture and the story is about light coming out of darkness.

She has had great reviews on Amazon with one reader saying they read it in one sitting and they cannot wait for a sequel.

Katie said: "The first one took more than 20 years to write! But I left it very open at the end."

She has started writing a second novel but not a sequel to this one.

Katie said: "It is a strange experience to have started a book more than 20 years ago when I was a young woman myself- my daughter wasn't even born.

"By the time I finished the book I am a grandmother."

Jamie has a baby called Halie, one

. She added: "They are chuffed to bits. This story- it has been a big part of all of our lives really.

"For as long as they can remember I have been writing this story.

"It is a real family achievement actually."

Sunlight and Slumber is available to buy here

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