A PRINCES Risborough man probably died from diabetes although it was impossible to know for sure, an inquest heard.

Patrick West of Rectory Court in Princes Risborough died on November 11 aged 51.

Consultant pathologist Heman Manikkapurath said he could not determine a cause of death from the post mortem because Mr West had not been found for 48 hours.

Mr West, who was divorced and had an 18-year-old son, had a history of diabetes and alcohol consumption but Dr Manikkapurath said there was nothing unusual about his liver and there was no sign of alcohol consumption where his body was found.

His brothers who were at the inquest at Beaconsfield Coroner's Court yesterday said Mr West was on insulin and used to have a lot of hypos (which are triggered when blood sugar levels fall).

Coroner Richard Hulett said: "It seems to me this man has probably died of a natural cause but we cannot pin down what it was."

He said diabetes seems like the most likely cause but they will never be able to prove it.

He recorded a verdict of natural but unascertained cause.