A GOLDSMITH who has been in Marlow for 23 years is moving to a new £20,000 jewellery workshop.

Steve Brown, 52, has been known in the town since 1990 when he began working at the old Faries jewellers in Spittal Street, which has since become Jackson's of Marlow.

Now, he and his son Tom, 19, are going into business in partnership with Buckingham Antiques co-owner Bob Wallace.

The upstairs of the antique dealers has been refurbished for what will become Marlow Jewellery Services Ltd.

Mr Brown, from Maidenhead, said: "I really love doing the job. I enjoy it just as much still I've had so many good experiences at Jacksons.

"Customers have become good personal friends over the time there and I get on so well with them."

He said although it felt strange to move he had decided it was time to embark on a new challenge.

Despite the recession, Mr Brown said there was still great demand for his repair work, which he was glad of, having seen huge changes and many businesses fold in the town centre since 1990.

He said: "It has changed a lot in the time in my shop I've seen them come and go on a regular basis it's really tough in retail at the moment you have to be on top of your game."

Mr Wallace has stumped up £20k to start the new business.

He said: "It's going to be a first class workshop, the best in the area, maybe in the country. It will give us an in house service for Buckingham Antiques.

"The benefit will be that there's a greater footfall through the premises and I've always wanted a working jeweller in our premises."

He said at least four jewellers in the town centre have closed since Buckingham Antiques first set up in Marlow but believes the new venture with Mr Brown will thrive.

It is set to open on Tuesday.