THE golden double post box in Marlow High Street brings back the success of London 2012 all over again, Paralympic champion Naomi Riches says.

But while the landmark, coated gold to mark her triumph, still fills her with pride when she walks past it, her mind is firmly set on this year's sporting goals.

Riches met about 30 fans in Marlow on February 13 and spoke about the path that led her to medal success in rowing at a special event hosted by Oxfam .

The MFP asked her if she still felt the same sense of pride now as at the start about the post box.

She said: "I think I do to a certain extent, it brings it all back to me. But at this stage I need to knuckle down and really become better than I was at the games was last year if I want to retain my seat in the boat for the upcoming championships. Being Paralympic medallist last year won't be good enough for next year."

Riches is focussed on this year's World Championships.

She is grateful for the level of backing Marlovians have given her, saying: "It's been huge support, it's been brilliant. I really feel there's a level of support through every age from businesses, schools, the press, all areas."

The Marlow resident has become an ambassador for Oxfam for International Women's Day.

She said: "I was very happy to be involved Oxfam is a household name, one you recognise from an early age.

"We're lucky enough to have two Oxfam shops in Marlow so I'm able to give them a lot of my old books and clothes. "They do so much worldwide it's an honour to be involved."

Oxfam has appealed to readers to join the gold medallist by getting involved in the International Women's Day themselves with anything from dinner parties, bake sales, clothes swaps and even sky dives.