WYCOMBE Wanderers may have to sell their training ground in a bid to stave off the threat of administration.

A group of supporters has offered to buy the club’s Booker training base for £350,000 and lease it back to Wanderers.

The club’s Supporters’ Trust, which took over the running of the club in the summer, says it urgently needs to raise quarter of a million pounds to plug a financial black hole.

They have warned going into administration – and the team being docked ten points – is a possibility unless an urgent input of cash is found.

The Trust has said the group interested in buying the training ground have asked to remain anonymous as part of any deal, although they have said none of the would-be investors have any links to previous owner Steve Hayes.

One of the group is a Trust member, they added, but not a director, nor is anyone a member of the Frank Adams Legacy Limited, a body set up to safeguard the future of the club at Adams Park.

Members of the Trust board were asked why the sum could not simply be lent to the club. The Trust responded: “We have been trying to secure a loan for some months without success. The proposed arrangement offers security to the investors and suits our immediate needs.”

The club will have the option of buying back the training ground in five or ten years’ time.

Supporters’ Trust members are being asked for their views on a potential sale before a final decision is made.

If the ground is sold it will not be subsequently sold again in the meantime and the club will have exclusive rights to use the facility, the Trust added.