A PRINCES Risborough councillor has died unexpectedly- days after spending a happy Christmas with her family.

Pamela Williams passed away on December 30, aged 77.

She suffered a  pulmonary embolism, caused by a blood clot in her leg.

The Woollerton Court resident had served on Princes Risborough Town Council for nine years.

Her daughter, Stella Versey, 55, said: "She spoke her mind. She was quite passionate about the Stratton Memorial Garden. It was something for her to do.

"She enjoyed the council's company. Whatever went on in the council room- afterwards it was forgotten.

"She did enjoy her time on the council."

She also leaves behind her daughter, Dianne Witney, 53, who lives in the Bahamas, and son, Philip Williams, 48, who lives in Bierton.

Pamela had seven grandchildren.

It came as a shock for the family as she had been in good health.

Just months earlier she had flown to America on a dream trip she had wanted to do for a long time.

Stella, who lives in Berryfield Road, said: "She was very nervous about doing it but she had a whale of a time.

"She had always wanted to do it. Her brother passed away recently and she thought I have got to do this now.

"We are really glad she did that."

Pamela grew up in Prestwood and worked in accounts during her career.

She brought up her three children in Risborough, before moving away for a short period.

She returned about nine years ago, which is when she started on the council.

Pamela volunteered at the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home shop.

Stella added: "She loved sport, particularly football. She was passionate about Chelsea Football Club."

Eunice Clifford, who is a former councillor, Mayor and friend of Pamela's, said: "She lived in Princes Risborough when she was bringing her children up. She moved out and then came back and said she would like to go on the council.

"She wanted to put something back in to Princes Risborough, where she wanted to end her days."

She said Pamela was passionate about instating the Stratton Memorial Garden.

Eunice added: "She was very compassionate. If she thought somebody was getting a raw deal she would be very passionate.

"She would make her voice heard quite loudly- that was the same with everything she was involved in."

Pamela's funeral is at 10.15am tomorrow at the Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham.