THE Chairman of High Wycombe Cricket Club visited a school in The Gambia, which he had raised money for during a 50 mile walk.

Geoff Morgan went out to the village of Jarjari with his wife, Mandy, to see where some of the money they had raised had gone to.

His brother, Phil, who lives in Prestwood set up The Morgan Clark Foundation in 2010 after he visited The Gambia with the help of his wife, Gina.

He rebuilt the nursery school which had been washed away by floods and continued to work to raise money to help build visitor lodges at the school.

Geoff said: "Mandy and I were lucky enough to visit with Phil and Gina the school two weeks ago and experience first hand how Phil’s vision, dedication and commitment means so much to the parents and children."

He said more than 300 people turned out to welcome them, who wanted to shake their hands and express their thanks. He added:

"There are not many times I am lost for words, this was one. I don’t mind admitting I had tears in my eyes due to the emotional welcome."

Mandy and Geoff were given the honour of being made Father and Mother of the village of India by the Chief and both bestowed Gambian names Mandy- Nyima Marong and Geoff- Lamin Marong.