A DOG walker has called fly-tipping in a popular Wycombe woods "disgraceful" and a hazard to animals and walkers.

Janey Campbell takes her dog for a walk in Totteridge Woods twice a week and was horrified to find broken glass, dumped tyres and tubs of vegetable fat near to the Dolphin pub.

She has called on the councils to remove the waste and to clamp down on fly-tippers before an animal or walker is injured.

She said: "It’s disgraceful, there’s a lot of rubbish and broken glass there.

"It’s a nice place to walk, I take my dog there, and all that rubbish shocked me. It’s not acceptable and it’s not nice for walkers.

"I feel sorry for an elderly lady who has a house in the woods and has to see it everyday and it’s dangerous, particularly to dogs and animals."

She said she has reported the issue to Wycombe District and Chiltern District Councils but "has not heard anything back" from them.

The 42-year-old added that she believed fly-tipping was becoming a bigger and more wide-spread issue that needed tackling.

Wycombe District Council said: "We have referred the case to Chepping Parish Council, as we understand that they own the woodland involved. "It is now their responsibility to liaise with Bucks CC to clean up whatever it is that has been tipped."