PLANS for a housing development at Marlow Railway Station have been dealt a blow after the Environment Agency raised flooding concerns.

The agency, which is consulted on every new planning application, objected to the proposal to build nine new homes on the old coal yard adjacent to the tracks on Station Approach.

It criticised the project’s Flood Risk Assessment, saying not enough has been done to show how future residents would be kept safe from flooding.

EA officials also added that the risk of flooding from the Marlow weir upstream had not properly been taken into account.

The application for a row of town houses, which developers says makes good use of a piece of land unused for years, has attracted a mixed reaction from Marlow residents.

Many object to the scheme, especially those on Riverpark Drive, which will be overlooked by the new houses.

However, letters of support have welcomed the idea of much-needed extra housing in Marlow and a more attractive sight for visitors arriving by train than the empty plot by the side of the tracks.

Marlow Society chairman Martin Blunkell said it would be sensible to use the land for such a project.

In a neutral stance letter to Wycombe District Council, he said: "This site has been an eyesore since the 1970s.

"In view of the failure to develop it for its assigned commercial purposes the reallocation for domestic housing makes eminent sense in view of the current governments drive for housing development."

Mr Blunkell, speaking on behalf of the society which works to preserve and monitor the development of Marlow, said fears over an increase of traffic in the area were "subjective".

He urged planning officers to determine whether the height of the proposed development would adversely affect other residents, and called for safety measures over access to the tracks.

District councillors have requested that the application is discussed by the full Planning Committee, though no date has yet been set.