A RESIDENTS' group is doing its bit to help fight speeding after new figures showed over two thirds of drivers were clocked over the limit through its village.

Flackwell Heath Residents' Association put money towards the Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) which registered 71 per cent of motorists driving over 30mph in Blind Lane in less than a month.

The sign, which flashes a warning to approaching motorists to slow down if they are breaking the limit, was installed in November.

Now the residents' group is calling for people to help discourage speeding by displaying their very own speed limit sign on their dustbins.

Members ordered the poster-size warnings after becoming fed up with motorists ignoring the 30mph limit in force throughout most of the village.

And the safety-conscious residents are also calling for a permanent sign for Flackwell Heath instead of the current set-up which sees the sign shared with Loudwater and Tylers Green.

FHRA secretary Chloe-Andrews Jones said: “The most recent public consultation reinforced previous surveys carried out by FHRA and speeding was revealed as a major concern to a great number of residents.

“Police operations and the Neighbourhood Action Group are urgently addressing this problem We have supported the MVAS scheme by contributing to the costs of ground screws and also funded 30mph stickers for wheelie bins.

“We distributed the stickers to those roads identified as suffering from the worst speeding behaviour, mainly Heath End Rd, Straight Bit, Green Dragon Lane and Blind Lane, although we realise that speeding is a problem throughout the village.

“We are also keen to see a MVAS dedicated to Flackwell Heath rather than shared with other wards in the Parish as speeding continues to be a cause of disquiet for all of us.”

The Hazlemere and Chepping Wycombe Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) were instrumental in installing the MVAS in November.

The MVAS cost £6,100 and was bought by Chepping Wycombe Parish Council with added funding from the Local Community Partnership, which donated £3,500, and the residents' associations of Flackwell Heath, Penn and Tylers Green.

The NAG has now set up a working group to look specifically at the MVAS data, its locations and the possibility of funding additional signs.

Police are also continuing to carry out speeding operations in the village and are working with NAG members to identify hotspots.

To order a speed limit sticker for your window or wheelie bin, contact Ashley Hopkins, the FHRA Police and Traffic Co-Ordinator on 01628 850660 or 07967 564713.