LEVELS on the River Thames are estimated to have peaked, despite waters currently rising after last night’s storms.

With levels dropping slightly over the last 24 hours, experts predict the surge from Saturday’s heavy rain will not take the flooding beyond the severity already seen this week.

Andrew Collinson, divisional environmental health officer for Wycombe District Council, confirmed the latest analysis from the Environment Agency after a meeting of the various agencies dealing with the flood relief.

He said: “The prediction from the Environment Agency is that when the levels rise it should come no higher than the highest point we’ve already suffered.

“River levels have actually dropped slightly overnight but we had a lot of rain yesterday and obviously that will have to filter through.

“Where it has flooded already it should not go beyond that point but obviously that’s just a prediction at this stage.”

Tim Parkins, station manager from Bucks Fire and Rescue’s headquarters in Aylesbury, said firefighters would remain in the area “certainly for the next few days”.

The pumping operation at Garnet Court and St Peter Street is still ongoing, and Pound Lane remains closed to traffic.

As reported this morning, the latest advice is for residents throughout Marlow to try and reduce toilet usage to protect the already overflowing sewers.

Sewage has already been seen coming up through manhole covers, with Mr Collinson warning the problem will only get worse if people do not try to reduce the amount of water they use.