A SCHOOL in Beaconsfield has written home to parents to express their concern that some of the school’s students are using E-Cigarettes and ‘Shisha’ pens in school.

The Beaconsfield School sent a letter home to all the parents of Year 8 students and have warned that the police could be involved if the issue remains.

Although the school were keen to assure parents that this is not a problem, they have said that they will take a strong stance against students caught with the items.

John Fletcher, the headteacher of The Beaconsfield School, said: “Before Christmas we sent out an email to all parents outlining our policy on E-cigarettes - we have taken a strong stance along with other schools as we believe they can be a prelude to smoking.”

Mr Fletcher added: “Unfortunately, some students have managed to purchase or have someone purchase one for them.”

In the letter sent home to the student’s parents it was claimed that any student caught bringing the items in, selling the items or using the items will be dealt with in accordance to the schools current smoking policy.

The Beaconsfield School is a non-smoking site and repeat offenders could be dealt with by the Police.

Students who are also caught in the same vicinity as those using these items can expect the same consequences, it said in the letter.

Mr Fletcher said: “Our concern is that they are a prelude to smoking - also the medical impacts on using them at the moment are not fully understood or collated.”

The school say they became aware of the problem in September last year and have confiscated about 10 banned items since then.

Mr Fletcher said: “If it becomes clear that local shops are selling these to students who are underage we will work with the Trading Standards and the local police.”

He added: “We continue to be vigilant and send clear messages out regarding what happens if caught.”