THE new parking plans for Beaconsfield Old Town could be the worst thing to happen to the area, one resident has claimed.

In a letter written to the council and due to be published in full in the Bucks Free Press next week he states that the council should not charge for parking.

Simon Woolf said: “On the face of it, I am pleased that there is support to find a solution to increase the opportunity of visitors finding somewhere to park and thereby encourage people to come to the Old Town. This has been the problem for years.”

However, Mr Woolf says that if a charge is included it could stop people shopping or eating in the area.

He said: “I think this is incredibly short sighted and once again demonstrates clearly why many think councils just don’t get it!” He added: “If you want to promote our local shops, you need to encourage potential shoppers, not discourage them by charging for parking.”

Mr Woolf has also proposed that he will go around local businesses and raise the money needed to cover the costs himself in an attempt to ensure local businesses aren’t damaged.

He said: “They want to recoup a few quid to paint in some lines rather than support the local shops that provide jobs and convenient shopping to the local area. “If the council is that hard pressed, I will be happy to look at raising the money myself to pay for the white lines.”