FLOODING in Saunderton continues to worsen, with residents worried it will lead to the main road closing.

There have been traffic lights on the main A4010 Wycombe Road in Saunderton for a number of weeks now, with Transport for Bucks trying to pump flooded water away.

The main area of flooding is in Slough Lane, at the junction with the main road. Although the water level went down at one point, it has now risen again.

Mike Blackwell, who lives at Deanfield Close in Saunderton, said: "It is going to close the main road.

"They had been pumping water down the road to West Wycombe but they have now been told to stop doing that."

He said the traffic is awful in the mornings during rush hour with the traffic lights in place.

Mr Blackwell added: "It is just getting worse."

Further down in Bradenham Road, West Wycombe residents are at their wits' end as water levels continue to rise in their back gardens.

Helen Fiordelisi said the water is getting closer and closer to her back door but no-one seems willing to help.

She said: "We have been flooded since Thursday and it keeps rising. I have rung Thames Water and they said there is nothing they can do.

"I have rung the local council and they have sent sandbags. It is affecting several houses."

Mrs Fiordelisi said the water had been pumped away from the site in Saunderton but it had ended up in their back gardens.

Her sons who are 19 and 24 are staying at friends, so the household can use as little water as possible.

Mrs Fiordelisi and her husband, Marcus, have been off work since Thursday trying to contain the water.

She added: "No one is helping us. We just don't know what to do."

Transport for Bucks has been asked for a comment but is yet to respond.

Spokesman for Thames Water, Becky Trotman, said: "Our sewer network has been overwhelmed by floodwater from rivers and groundwater and this has unfortunately led to it backing up and dilute wastewater spilling out from manholes.

"We sympathise with residents who have been affected by this and have arranged for an engineer to visit Bradenham Road to carry out further investigation."