THE worst roads in Bucks will soon be fixed as Bucks County Council begins their transport scheme.

As part of the 'We’re Working on it' road treatment programme, 43 new schemes, chosen by Councillors, will be treated.

The roads to be worked on have been individually assessed over the winter by Transport for Buck's team of engineers to find the most suitable and cost effective way to repair each road.

Janet Blake, Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation said: "With a budget of £65 million having been confirmed for road and footway repairs over the next four years and following the wettest winter on record, it is good news that we can make a positive start on repairing some of the damage that has been caused to our county’s roads."

As well as the road treatment programme, £6 million has also been allocated to treat a number of strategic routes across Bucks.

These routes are still to be confirmed; however, a four-staged approach is being considered and sites are still being identified.

The four stages would help in preventing problem areas on the roads and help fix them.

Work is scheduled to take place between April 2014 and March 2015 and a further 23 roads from last year's programme will also be completed.