A SCHOOL which was placed under Special Measures one-year ago has appointed a new permanent headteacher.

The Wye Valley School in New Road, Bourne End, has appointed former Wycombe High assistant head, Andrea Jacobson, as their new headteacher.

Mrs Jacobson has been interim headteacher at The Wye Valley School since September 2013 but has now been appointed full-time.

She said: “I feel privileged to be the Headteacher of The Wye Valley School. All young people have a right to receive a first-class education, regardless of ability or background.”

She added: “Since taking up post as the Interim Headteacher in September 2013, I have been wholly focused on leading the School to become the school of first choice for the local community, parents and students.

“Under my leadership the School will have ‘value and aspiration’ at its core: the value of students’ education, the valuing of community and high aspirations from and by all. The Wye Valley School will have a culture that is student-centred, hard-working and purposeful.”

In a letter home to student’s parents the decision was said to have been made after an “intensive” two days of interviews.

Involved in the interviews were governors from the IEB, members of the new multi-academy trust, senior staff at the school and students.

In the Ofsted report from last year inspectors sited teachers expectations as being too low and said there was often a weakness in marking, with teachers giving too little guidance as to how children can improve.

They also said school leaders “have not done enough” to bring better lessons and governors lack a detailed understanding of the school’s weaknesses and are not in a position to challenge school leaders, the report states.

Mrs Jacobson said: “Leaving my previous school, Wycombe High School, is of course sad. I invested many years of hard-work and have an abundance of fond memories of students and staff.

“However, as I say to all students, life is enhanced by seeking out and approaching new challenges with determination and energy. Additionally my ties with Wycombe High continue as it is the sponsoring school for when Wye Valley shortly converts to an academy.

She added: “This is an exciting opportunity for both schools to develop and provide resources and expertise across the schools and ultimately improve outcomes for all students.

“The Wye Valley journey has already begun and I will continue to work diligently, with an equally committed team of staff, to ensure that all students have a first class learning experience. It is an honour to be leading our school on this focused journey to excellence.”

Chair of IEB, Dame Marcia Twelftree, said: “I am pleased that we can now begin to move the school forward with stable management.

“The selection panel were convinced that Mrs Jacobson has the skills and passion needed to continue the excellent start she has made on the journey of removing the school from Special Measures.”