A LETTER has been scribed by Hughenden Parish Council about potential development in its patch.

The Wycombe District Council Local Plan is currently in the consultation phase and has been posted through every household's door in the district.

The plan looks at where housing and employment opportunities in the district would be placed up until 2031.

Chairman of the planning committee of HPC, Rick Gould, has put together a letter to send to WDC, which was agreed by other councillors.

It said: "The parish council would question the housing numbers now required as it would be far in excess of the previous numbers that were felt to meet the needs of the WDC area.

"It would appear that this is to come in line with the Government targets so as to justify the validity of the plan.

"The reserve sites are now felt to be only 15 per cent of the requirement resulting in the need to review the new Green areas and possibly Green Belt areas to satisfy the new demand.

"This parish council wants to see the total protection of the Green Belt and AONB."

It goes on to say brownfield options would be able to satisfy the requirements, and should be based on existing policies and not changed to Government demands.

He added: "Hughenden Parish has two sites mentioned in the plan, Terriers Farm and Uplands House Hotel, but is very concerned that in searching for further development opportunities that other areas could be at risk."

The letter also said the plan has been well presented but feel there will be many difficult decision to be made, and WDC should keep residents aware of this.