THE manager of an estate agents has described the terrifying moment a car ploughed through the window and came to a stop against his legs.

Simon Randhawa left his desk moments before a blue Nissan Micra careered down Crendon Street and smashed into Hunters last Thursday.

The 37-year-old rolled himself into a ball by the back wall of the office as the car came to a rest against his legs.

He told the BFP: "I’d got up to do something and heard the noise of an engine coming towards the window.

"It all happened in two seconds. I had one second to try to get out of the back of the office but it was too late, the car was through the window.

"I rolled myself into a ball against the back wall. The car was literally against my legs."

Mr Randhawa sustained just cuts and bruises, while the two people inside the car - a male and a female - were said to be "shaken but fine".

The firm took to Twitter the following day to notify its followers that "everyone is OK".

It brought back horrifying memories for Royston Davis, 52, who was the sole survivor when a 36-tonne lorry crashed into the same office in 2001.

The former Aitchisons estate agent could only watch as his colleague Maggie Doel, 48, and customer Sally Jamieson, 40, lost their lives in the accident after the lorry’s brakes failed coming down Amersham Hill.

The father-of-three said: "My mother-in-law phoned to tell me what happened at Hunters and I just broke down as it brought it all back.

"Not a day goes by without me thinking about what happened. It was an awful situation and it has changed my life - I’m not the person I was.

"I live my life scared, I always worry something bad will happen, I have only just about got the hang of driving again and when I lived on London Road, I imagined a car would come through my living room.

"I was never like that. I was the lucky one but I still feel so guilty."

The two collisions in Easton Street have been sandwiched by vehicles slamming into other businesses on the Crendon Street slope.

A motorist broke her leg after she crashed her car into Lea & Lindars after the brakes failed in 2009, while a Jaguar went into the front of Local Roots in 2013 - forcing the delicatessen to shut for five months.

Sarah Holloman, who works in the Hurst estate agents, said safety was a concern and urged the transport authority to install new safety measures.

Mr Davis backed the call for a safety rethink before someone is killed.

He said: "We spoke to the authorities in 2001 about safety measures but the attitude we got from them was ‘it won’t happen again’ - and it has.

"It’s a miracle no-one was killed last week but I’m surprised this hadn’t happened sooner - someone else will die unless something is done."

But Transport for Buckinghamshire says it 'currently has no plans' to install any new safety measures in Easton Street.

Hunters has been boarded up since last week’s crash but the estate agents is operating out of a temporary premises two doors down.

Police said its investigation is still ongoing. No arrests have been made.