TRANSPORT chiefs say they currently have no plans to install any new safety measures at the junction of Crendon Street with Easton Street.

The BFP asked Transport for Buckinghamshire if it would look at the possibility of implementing new safety measures in the wake of the Hunters crash.

TfB said there have only been two reported collisions which resulted in injuries since the 2001 crash - which killed two people.

The county council's transportation arm said it was still awaiting the findings of the police investigation to find out if street furniture could have made any difference.

TfB said: “We are not currently planning any measures at this junction.

"Since the fatal collision in 2001 there have been two reported injury collisions on the Amersham Hill side of the junction, neither of these have resulted in a vehicle hitting an adjacent property.

“We have not yet been informed of the circumstances surrounding the collision or whether any street furniture would have prevented the impact with the estate agents.

“We receive details from police of all reported collisions that result in personal injury and implement schemes across the county, prioritising those routes and sites that have a higher incidence of casualties within a five year period.

“Bollards are designed to protect the overrunning of areas, such as footways, at low speed.

“They are immovable objects which are likely to inflict greater injury to vehicle occupants at higher speed and are unlikely to stop large goods vehicles.

“Protection from vehicles is better provided by a containment kerb or crash barriers, although they are designed primarily for, and are more effective at, impact at a shallow angle/turning. “

TfB added the electronic signs by the escape road on Amersham Hill is currently out of operation and it is awaiting the a cost estimate for repairs.

It added: “However, this is a ‘Weigh in Motion’ sign which means it is only activated by HGVs or larger vehicles that are going downhill.”