CHANGES will be made at a special measures school in Bucks, including a change to the school’s name and uniform.

The Wye Valley School was placed under special measures in January last year and is now expected to change its name to the Bourne End Academy.

The name change is expected to be announced in June and officially come into force when the school completes the switch to academy status.

In a letter home to parents, newly-appointed headteacher, Andrea Jacobson, said: “There is a clear interest in all parties (parents, students and staff) for both a uniform and name change when we convert to an academy.

“The statistics were clear that the preferred name (amongst students, parents and staff) for The Wye Valley School is Bourne End Academy and the preferred uniform colours are burgundy and silver.”

In a previous letter, interested parties were able to choose if they thought change was needed and what change they would vote for.

As well as a whole host of uniform colours to choose from, parents, staff and students were given three possible names to choose from.

It appears that the overall majority decided Bourne End Academy was a better choice than both Bourne End School and Bourne End High School.

Mrs Jacobson added: “Since taking up post as the Interim Headteacher in September 2013, I have been wholly focused on leading the School to become the school of first choice for the local community, parents and students.”

“Of course there is a lot of work to be done to ensure this is achieved and make the significant improvements needed to move the school out of special measures.”

She added: “As with all consultations there were differing opinions. However the results show that there was an overwhelming majority vote for change.”

“This is an exciting and proactive approach to the changes happening at The Wye Valley.”

The uniform and name changes appear to represent a fresh start for the school which has seen 22 members of staff leave since their Ofsted inspection in 2013.

Mrs Jacobson said: “The next step is to invite into school the parents who expressed an interest in being part of the Parent Focus group. There will also be a Student Focus group. The aim of these groups is to consider the finer details around the changes.

“With regards to the timings for the change: the name change will be on conversion to academy and the uniform change will not be before September.

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