A COUNCILLOR who called for a special edition of a council newsletter to inform people further about the Local Plan, has been dismissed by fellow members.

Wycombe District Council is working on a new long term plan on where is best to build homes and create jobs up until 2031.

The options consultation has now closed and the council will collate responses to view during the summer.

For the town of Princes Risborough three options were put forward- 450, 1,000 or 2,500 new homes.

Cllr Gary Hall suggested a special edition of Princes Risborough Town Council's newsletter, Crosstalk, to provide information on the WDC local plan.

Crosstalk goes out normally two or three times a year to residents in the town.

Cllr Hall said: "Although people in the town are informed to a certain extent, a lot of people in the town don't really know what's happening and why it is happening."

He suggested a simple guide to what is going on in terms of the Local Plan and what it means for Princes Risborough.

Cllr Iain McLauchlan said: "I don't see how it is going to have an effect. WDC send leaflets out to everyone's house and there was an article in the previous Crosstalk.

"People don't read it. How is this leaflet coming through the door going to change that? They will look at it and throw it in the bin."

Other councillors agreed that there is nothing new to report until after the summer when WDC publish the results of the consultation.

It was agreed to use the town council website to help inform people about the plan.