A CAMPAIGN group has demanded police reveal the nature and full details of a counter-terrorism raid in High Wycombe.

About 30 officers, including specialists from Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, raided a home in Desborough Avenue last week and spent hours searching the property.

No arrests were made, police said.

Justice4Paps said it is “extremely concerned” about the force used during the operation and the “lack of transparency” from The Met and Thames Valley Police.

The two police forces have so far declined to publically comment on the details of the case.

Zia Ullah said: “With this level of officers and force used we find it incredible that no arrests were made.

“What was the level of threat posed by the family at this address to justify this amount of police resources?

“If it was a ‘pre-emptive strike’ there needs to be more openness and transparency for the reason of such raids and operations.

“Without this we and other people in the community we will continue to believe that this is nothing more than harassment and fear mongering and fishing operations for non-terror related matters.”

He added the Justice4Paps group would continue to challenge the police in the “absence of any scrutiny of such actions”.

Supt Ed McLean, Wycombe Area Commander, told the BFP the investigation was led and being managed by The Met.

But he added: “My officers and I are committed to providing a safe and cohesive community for all.

“We take any suggestion that this is not the case seriously and will continue to engage with our communities to increase confidence and build relations.

“I am in regular contact with representatives from the community and will address these concerns with them face to face.”

The Justice4Paps group was launched in July 2008 following the death of Habib Ullah in police custody.