TRAVELLERS who are reportedly going to be evicted from privately owned land in High Wycombe tomorrow morning, told a District councillor they would only go if a field was supplied to them.

A small number of travellers set-up camp in Holmers Farm Way in front of the Johnson and Johnson site on Monday last week and said at the time they would be leaving soon.

However, with more travellers having moved onto the site the police have now reportedly been forced to issue an eviction order and plan to enforce the order at 10am tomorrow.

A Wycombe District Councillor recently went to speak to the travellers after fears from residents were voiced to him.

Residents told Cllr Brian Pearce that they were worried for the health of some ponies on the site as well as noise disturbance and human excrement which now lines a pathway on the green land.

Cllr Pearce said: “I asked a question which many people have asked me, when are you leaving?

“Two replies came back, one was that they are going to a wedding in Slough in seven days time, and that they should be leaving shortly after that. Another reply was 'give us a field big enough and we will go there'.”

“I believe when they first got here, there was only about six caravans, well now there is more like 36.

“One of the major concerns people told me of, were to some ponies which have been tethered there.”

He added: “They seemed to have a lack of water. I went round to see some of the travellers and explained that people were very concerned about their ponies and after speaking to them they did in fact bring out water in buckets for them.”

Cllr Pearce went on to say he would be contacting the RSPCA about the treatment of the ponies soon.

Some travellers who originally moved onto the site told the Bucks Free Press last week they would only be staying for a few days whilst they waited for a rented unit in London.

However, Cllr Pearce reported he was told they were there for a wedding in Slough and would be leaving at the end of this week.

He also raised concerns about human excrement and toilet paper littering the side of a walkway near the traveller site.

This all comes after travellers were moved from a site in Hughenden two weeks ago.

A heavy police presence met the travellers when they were evicted.

It is believed more police will be on hand tomorrow as the eviction order is served.