A CAMPAIGN group who are opposed to development on a meadow in Bourne End and Wooburn Green think they have done all they can to stop development.

As part of Wycombe District Council’s local plan Slate Meadow, an area of green space in the district has been earmarked for possible housing development.

Since the local plan was brought out in February, residents have voiced their fears of what development could do to the area.

The “Save Slate Meadow” group has since launched a campaign to have the area removed from local plans and from the WDC’s reserved sites list.

As well as having banners made the group have also done a lot of research into the risks of building on the site and the history of the area One of the group’s campaigners, Nicola Nicholson, said: “I hope we have done enough of course, but it is very tough to tell.

“I do not think we could have done any more. In the time we had we were quite limited in what we could do.

“We did as much as we could bearing in mind resources, people power, and time.”

Despite the consultation having ended at the end of last month, the group hope they can still keep their good work up so people do not forget about the threat posed by the local plan.

She said: “We have a few things we want to do on the meadow so that is actually used as a village area.

“We want it to be used as much as possible so people know how much it is needed.”

The Save Slate Meadow e-petition has almost 700 signatures and the group are still urging to people to sign if "they care about the aim of the group".

You can view the e-petition at www.epetitions.direct.gov.uk