THE new Mayor of Beaconsfield made history yesterday as he became the first person to be appointed to the role for a second time.

Councillor Steve Jones first became Beaconsfield Town Council’s Mayor in 2006 before relinquishing the post the following year – as is tradition within the council.

However, the council didn’t follow tradition this year as Cllr Jones was given the role for a second time.

He replaces Sandy Saunders who said in recent works he was proud to be given the responsibility of Mayor.

After being appointed, Mayor Jones said: “I would like to say thanks to Sandy as outgoing Mayor, thanks also to Matt Denyer (former Deputy Mayor).”

He added: “Thanks also to all who have supported me and given me this unique opportunity to stand as Mayor again.

“I hope I can serve as well as I did last time.”

Whilst being nominated, former Mayor Jacquetta Lowen-Cooper recalled the Mayor’s last time in the role.

She said: “Most of us here were on the council when Steve was Mayor before, he was a very good Mayor and I am sure he will be able to do a great job once more.”

Appointed to the role of this year’s Deputy Mayor of Beaconsfield was John Reed.

The newly-appointed Mayor, nominated Cllr Reed to the role, saying he would be great for the job and said “between the two of us we can cause chaos around the town”.

Re-appointed to the role of Town Council Leader was Cllr Alan Walters whilst Cllr Philip Bastiman retained the role of Deputy Leader.