THE Conservative Party received the most votes in the South Bucks area and the Chilterns after votes were counted this evening.

UKIP came second in both areas whilst the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats came third and fourth respectively.

In the South Bucks there was a below voter turnout national average (36 per cent), with only 34.7 signing the ballot paper.

However, in the Chiltern Area 39 per cent attended the vote.

With 10,623 votes in the Chiltern district area and 7,158 in the South Bucks area the Conservative Party topped the polls.

UKIP, led by MEP Nigel Farage, came second with 9,304 votes in the Chiltern area and 6,257 in South Bucks.

The Labour Party received 2,417 votes in the Chilterns and 1,588 in South Bucks, whilst the Liberals Democrats got 2,323 votes in the Chilterns and 1,012 in South Bucks.

Full results details will follow.