A BELOVED pet dog was run over and killed by a motorbike on a countryside path, prompting its owner to call for action against the "constant problem" blighting his town.

Gordon Lenton and his wife, Mandy, were walking their three dogs on the Icknield Way on Sunday at 7.45pm when a motorbike came around the corner and ran over their Norwich Terrier, Nero.

As Mandy went to help Nero, he bit her, and she then spent 24 hours in hospital on a drip.

Gordon, 58, said: "All of a sudden we heard this sound of acceleration, when a bike came bolting out of the blue.

"My wife stood there and put her arms out and saw the bike and shouted: 'Slow down.'

"He applied the brakes and was skidding all over the place.

"My wife leapt out of the way but our Norwich Terrier- he just ran over him.

"The worst thing is, from that minute on he was dying."

As Mandy, 55, went to help Nero the distressed dog bit through her thumb and she later went to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

They took six-year-old Nero to the vets but he died on the way.

The couple, who live in Salisbury Close, Princes Risborough have two other dogs; Jack Russells Rose, 14 months and Mille, 12.

Gordon said: "We have had a constant problem with motorbikes over the last 18 months. We are living in a lovely bit of green land and we have this constant noise of motorcycles going on.

"Everyone I have spoken to, I know a lot of people, I have lived here for 20 years.

"The first thing they turn around and say is, 'What if you had been walking with your grandchild?'"

Gordon said their family, including children Ryan, 25 and Jade, 22, are cut apart.

Cllr Alan Turner said: "I just despair really with that particular problem. We have involved the police on a number of occasions in the past.

"The police can't be everywhere all the time. I don't quite know what the town council could do but there definitely need to be something done, for a dog to be killed in that way."

Police spokesman Hannah Williams said officers attended the scene and are in the process of making enquiries as to whether any road traffic offences have been committed.