A MAN found walking in the middle of a main road was killed after being hit by four cars, an inquest heard - but why he was there will remain a mystery.

Jacek Wszelak died at the scene after being struck by four vehicles while walking in the middle of the A413 near Gerrards Cross at around 10.30pm on February 26.

A post mortem revealed no traces of alcohol in his system and nobody was able to ascertain why he was in the road.

The Polish national had all of his ribs and both of his legs broken in the collision, the inquest heard.

Mr Wszelak had been helping a friend with some renovation work at a house in Gerrards Cross and had been staying at the home while the work was carried out.

Police enquiries revealed nothing untoward had happened to the 29-year-old earlier in the day and he had been due to return to Poland shortly afterwards.

The first driver to hit him was Rishi Anand, who described Mr Wszelak as facing the direction of the traffic and walking towards his car.

Dr Anand swerved to his right to avoid hitting the pedestrian but struck him with a glancing blow.

Moments later Mr Wszelak was hit by a car being driven by David Hollins, who also hit him despite swerving to get out of the way.

The second impact knocked Mr Wszelak down and a third driver, Stephen Richards, described seeing him skidding on his backside along the carriageway before being run over by his car.

A fourth vehicle then ran him over before a van being driven by Chesham resident Eisei Yamada overturned as he oversteered trying to avoid hitting him.

Another car Mr Hollins was overtaking just before the collision had an on-board camera on the dashboard, but because of the dark clothing Mr Wszelak was wearing he could not be seen in the footage.

Coroner Richard Hulett recorded a narrative verdict after saying he could not be certain beyond doubt Mr Wszelak had deliberately set out to kill himself.

He added: "It's not suggested any of those involved could have done any better. I don't think anybody could have done better presented with this scenario. Any of the drivers, the chances of avoiding the outcome were pretty well nil.

"I am sure this was a very distressing experience for everyone involved."