THE Overtones are feeling pretty happy at the moment. Having just toured with Sir Cliff Richard and now recording a new album, they are also preparing for a few summer shows, including The Henley Festival. Lachie Chapman from the upbeat band talked to Freetime.

The Overtones music is sure to make you want to dance. They have already released three successful albums since they were signed in 2010, which include hits such as The Bare Necessities, Don’t Worry Be Happy and Sh-Boom.

They are performing at The Henley Festival on the last night with Rebecca Ferguson. The five day festival runs from July 9 to 13, with The Jacksons, Bryan Ferry, Joss Stone and Burt Bacharach also on the programme.

Lachie Chapman from the band said: "I am from Australia and at first I was quite shocked at the way England does some festivals. When the sun comes out over here they really take advantage of it and go for it. There is every music style for every age for every family.

"I haven’t been to Henley Festival. I am really looking forward to going there. I have been told Henley is a really good festival."

Lachie joined the band last. Timmy Matley, Mike Crawshaw, Mark Franks and Darren Everest had already formed a group. When Lachie met Timmy through a promotions agency he then joined in.

At first, they did every job under the sun- working in restaurants, bars and making money where they could. Darren’s uncle had a painting and decorating business and when there was a big enough job they would all chip in and sing together while doing so.

Lachie said: "We were having a rehearsal on the street one day in a busy part of London just off Oxford Street.

"A lady came up and started asking us lots of questions and that led to a meeting and then to another meeting."

She was a talent scout for Warner Brothers record company and soon they were signed and recording their first album.

Their debut album Good Ol' Fashioned Love entered the UK Albums Chart at number 16 in November 2010. However, after the re-release of the album in March 2011, it propelled to number four.

Their second album, Higher, in 2012 reached number six and Saturday Night at the Movies, was released last year and made it to number five.

Lachie said: "We are back in the studio recording now. We are going to have another album towards the end of the year- a London based one, which is really nice."

The Overtones have not long returned from touring with Sir Cliff Richard, after he was signed to the same record label as the band.

Lachie said: "It was really cool. He is a walking, talking singing legend. He has just released his 100th studio album. He is unstoppable. He is fun, he is thoughtful, he is having the time of his life.

"He had real time for us. He would pop into the dressing room and have a cup of tea and chat and talk about his experience- about rocking and rolling. He was cool."

And would he like to be performing when he is the same age as Cliff?

He said: "I would love to be alive when I am 74- breathing would be nice," he joked.

"Definitely I would love to be singing and acting. There is no natural stop to what we do. If you are still singing you can still be a singer."

Lachie moved to London eight years ago to be an actor. He met Timmy and realised they had similar musical interests.

He said: "I didn’t come here to be a singer. I love singing but it wasn’t part of the plan."

And with their doo-wop style it is hard not to have a smile on your face when you are listening to their music. Other songs include Pretty Woman, Moon River, Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Unforgettable and You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

Lachie said: "It is music that makes people happy. It is really cheerful music. It makes them want to get up and dance.

"We are lucky and we know it and appreciate it."

Lachie is from Sydney and gets back to Australia when he can but added: "My life is here in the UK. I love living here. I really can’t see myself moving back to Australia, as beautiful as it is. It really is happening in this city and I am proud and honoured to be here."

The Overtones are performing at The Henley Festival on July 13 with Rebecca Ferguson. Tickets are £45 to £65 for the Sunday night. For full booking information go to

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