A DETAILED study will be carried out on the suitability of three potential sites identified for a new cemetery.

Sites in Abbey Barn and Coates Lane in High Wycombe, along with Queensway in Hazlemere, scored favourably in an initial appraisal of 15 potential plots.

The High Wycombe Town Committee last night agreed to commission a detailed investigation of the three areas with a view to creating a new cemetery.

Other areas – Terriers Farm and land behind Adams Park – were suggested as possible sites by members and will be put through the first stage of the process.

The search was launched by Wycombe-based councillors after a report revealed High Wycombe Cemetery will reach full capacity in 20-25 years.

Councillors want to find a long-term solution now to enable an appropriate site to be identified, purchased and converted before all the available space at the current cemetery in Hampden Road is taken up.

Of the initial 15 sites probed by WDC’s officers, five were ruled out immediately as they were deemed to be at risk of flooding.

Six other areas were rejected following a site visit for reasons including poor access, the impact of adjoining premises and clashes with emerging council policies - including Terriers Farm, which has been put forward for housing.

But Cllr Roger Colomb urged officers to look again at Terriers Farm as planning permission had not been granted – meaning it is still up for grabs.

Abbey Barn and the field in Coates Lane both scored two out of ten, with Queensway coming out on top with five marks.

The initial study states the 3.6 hectare land at Queensway is flat, has good transport links and the land is currently owned by WDC.

But some councillors expressed concerns it is not with High Wycombe itself.