A CHARITY playgroup which provides care for children with special needs has been asked to prove how many Marlow children it helps before the council agrees to fund it.

Marlow Opportunity Playgroup, now based in Wooburn Green, asked Marlow Town Council for £1661, equivalent to funding one child for one term.

But before handing over any funds, members have asked playgroup staff to demonstrate how many users are from the Marlow Town Council area before they make a decision.

The playgroup, named as one of Marlow mayor Suzanne Brown’s nominated charities for this year, was based in Marlow for nearly 30 years as part of the Red Cross.

But the charity was forced to move in 2011 when the Victoria Road building closed, taking up residence at The Scout Hall, Wooburn Green where it remains.

Councillors said they did not want to appear unsympathetic to the cause, but must ask about its users to be able to prioritise its limited grant application funding after 26 applicatiuons were received this year.

Marlow Opportunity Playgroup caters for 22 children, some of them severely disabled, and has to find money to pay for carers and equipment.