A GROUP of young, creative arts professionals are stripping back a warehouse in High Wycombe to create a new theatre for the town.

The Renegade Theatre Company are working 70 hour weeks to transform a disused warehouse in Duke Street, near the train station, into a 200 seater theatre.

And they don't just want it to be their theatre but hope it can also be used to hire for parties and for other theatre companies, and as a cafe for lunch time trade.

The idea started after a successful youth production in February, where 35 youngsters from the area performed Zombie Prom.

It was so successful the team of six theatre professionals- Samuel Parker, Toby Darvill, Chloe James, Anna and Julia Saunders and Jerome van den Berghe- wanted to take it further.

They decided to perform their next youth show in November at the Arts4Every1 Centre, but when that was booked, they went about looking for another venue.

Unable to find what they were looking for, they took out a month's lease at the warehouse but the project has since snowballed and they hope it will become a permanent fixture.

Samuel Parker, choreographer, said: "In the local area there is so little available. We wanted to maintain a professional level, so we thought let's look and try and covert something.

"But then we looked at our budget."

They are working on a tight budget and have so far procured items for free from generous businesses and from Freecycle.

But they also need to follow council rules and make sure all the procedures are in place, which costs money.

They are currently funding it out of their own pocket but are looking into having charity status, and are also looking for sponsors, grants and funding.

If their plans come together the rent on the building would be £10,000 to £12,000.

They are also looking for scaffolding, black curtains, black and grey paint, tools and general décor.

The next show is Lucky Stiff, with audition day on August 26 for ages 12 to 23.

Chloe, who is a choreographer, said: "I wouldn't want to do anything else. It just makes me happy.

"It is the thrill of doing stuff that is different. All of us come from a musical theatre background with a wide knowledge base.

"There is so much out there which isn't known or done."

If you think you can help go to www.renegadetheatrecompany.com or call 07917 712521.