AN important part of Swan Upping is the conservation aspect and teaching youngsters about the importance of looking after our wildlife.

Pupils from Bisham School and St Peter's Catholic Primary School in Marlow went to The Compleat Angler in Marlow on Wednesday morning, before the Swan Uppers set off to their next destination.

Headteacher Jim Cooke, from Bisham School, said the school has had an association with the Swan Upping for years and 32 pupils from years five and six went along on Wednesday morning.

He said: "As our school is on the banks of the river we watch the Swan Uppers go past every year.

"When Captain Barber became the Queen's Swan Marker he invited us to start taking part in the whole pageant.

"He is keen on trying to educate children about the whole process about Swan Upping and the importance of conservation.

"He has tried to involve as many schools as possible."

The Royal Swan Uppers talk to pupils about what they are doing and also get children involved in the weighing and measuring process.

Mr Cooke added: "The pupils look forward to it every year.

"We get well looked after by the Compleat Angler and they lay out morning tea for the children."

The rest of the school sit and watch the Swan Uppers go past at the bottom of the school's garden, which overlooks the river.

There were 28 pupils from year six from St Peter's Catholic Primary School.

Teacher, Emma Camilleri, said: "This year The River and Rowing Museum [in Henley] had a project for Swan Upping and they created some resources.

"We were invited by the Queen's Swan Marker in the autumn tern to Hampton Court for the launch of these resources.

"So it was quite nice to end up at the Swan Upping on Wednesday."