DEVELOPERS have submitted a planning application for the first stage of a much longed for A355 relief road in Beaconsfield.

Inland Homes, who recently purchased former MOD site Wilton Park, say they have been working with Bucks County Council to ensure the foundations for a future relief road are set in place.

This follows the news that BCC have been awarded £9.3 million in government funding to deliver the second phase of the road, with work potentially starting in 2015/ 16.

Mark Gilpin, Planning Director for Inland Homes, said: “The relief road is vital for Beaconsfield and we are delighted to be moving ahead with this critical Phase One now.

“We made a promise to the people of Beaconsfield that Phase One of the relief road would be delivered before any other development at Wilton Park and we are sticking to that promise.

“We’ve also gone beyond what we are required to do by SBDC’s Core Strategy, which simply asked that any connection from the Pyebush Roundabout be capable of future upgrading.

“Our road won’t need upgrading. It has been specifically designed in consultation with Bucks County Council to make sure no further works are required before linking with Phase Two.”

Plans for the first phase of the relief road show it will deliver a single way carriageway road between the junction of Pyebush Roundabout and the northern boundary of the Wilton Park site at Minerva Way.

It will extend 120 metres northwards to the top of the hill to a roundabout, which will provide the primary access to the Wilton Park development.

It will then extend 170 metres north to a second roundabout, which will provide the secondary access to the Wilton Park development and a crossing for key east-west pedestrian and cycle movements.

Bucks County Council will submit a separate planning application for Phase Two and extend the road northwards to complete the relief road.