A LADY, who used to cater for The Beatles in America, celebrated her 100th birthday with cake and champagne last week.

Joyce Pilgrim who was born on August 1, 1914, even planted a tree with a plaque attached to honour her special day.

Mrs Pilgrim celebrated her birthday with a card from the Queen and by having two parties, one with fellow residents in Kiln Court, in Holtspur, and another with family and friends.

One person who was lucky enough to be invited to both events was close friend Joyce Dyer.

Mrs Dyer first met the Holtspur resident almost ten years ago as a carer and the two continued to be friends after she retired.

She said: “Joyce is a really nice and kind person, and she is still very bubbly with a very good sense of humour.

“I think she has had a happy life, quite a hard one trying to bring two children up but also an interesting life.

“She used to cater for The Beatles in America and I think that was a big part of her life.”

Last Friday, August 1, Mrs Pilgrim planted the tree in the grounds of the residential area.

Mrs Dyer added: “Nearly everyone who knew Joyce here clubbed together to help purchase a tree which was planted for her.

“We also had a plaque to go with it which said it was for her on her 100th birthday.”

As well as having two parties, a card from the Queen and champagne, apparently Mrs Pilgrim was most surprised to see a Bucks Free Press photographer at the party.

Her friend said I was in trouble with her for that because she wasn’t expecting it but I felt we should celebrate this special occasion.

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