A CADET who is giving up his weekends to support the Poppy Appeal got a treat on Saturday when an A-list celebrity stopped to make a purchase.

TV and movie star Ricky Gervais popped into Marlow to buy his poppy from 15-year-old Corporal Daniel Wallis-Banbury of the Marlow Squadron on Saturday.

With George Clooney’s wedding party being held just a couple of miles up the road, it proved a star-studded weekend on the streets of Marlow with the arrival of the actor, made famous by his cringeworthy portrayal of manager David Brent in The Office.

And the Golden Globe awards host - rumoured to have bought a house near the town centre - gave up his time to chat to Daniel and his poppy selling partner Zac Brewer, who took this snap of the grinning pair.

Suzanna Wallis, Daniel’s mum, said: “Dan was delighted that Ricky was a keen supporter of poppy day.

“And that despite his stardom, he was more than happy to pose for a photo and spend a few minutess cracking jokes with cadets and customers when he probably just wanted a few hours incognito.

“He teased that he'd try to get 'George' (Clooney) along later to buy a poppy.”

The poppy team kept tight-lipped about the amount given by the multi-millionaire comedian to the appeal, saying all donations remain private.

Long-term cadet Daniel and new recruit Zac are sacrificing their free time to collection donations and sell poppies before the Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday November 9.

Always well supported, organisers are hoping for one of the most successful years ever for the Poppy Appeal and parade, alongside the centenary of World War One.

Verdun Luck, an instructor with the squadron, said "It is really heartening how hard the cadets are working at selling poppies, they are hopeful of exceeding last year’s total collection of over £3000 for the appeal. 

"The cadets will be in Marlow town centre in greater numbers on the next two Saturdays before the Remembrance Day Parade. It is a very big parade and the cadets are busy preparing for it"

Mr luck said the squadron has had a big intake of new cadets and is looking for volunteers to become adult staff in the unit.