A MAN was treated for smoke inhalation after a saucepan full of brussel sprouts caught fire on Sunday.

Two fire crews from High Wycombe were called to the scene in Chicester Close at around 9pm.

The man had fallen asleep after putting the vegetables on to cook, and woke up to find his home full of smoke. The water in the pan had boiled dry and the sprouts then began to smoke.

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue is warning people to be careful in the kitchen following the incident.

Terry Ridgley, head of the community safety team, said: "Most house fires start in the kitchen. It only takes a moment's distraction while cooking for something like this to happen.

"I would particularly like to remind people that it is never a good idea to start cooking if you are feeling tired and are in danger of falling asleep with the cooker or oven on."