Residents in Bourne End have mourned their third week without internet access by laying flowers on the site of their wrecked telecoms box, to commemorate their once loved broadband connection.

Houses in the area have been left without services for nearly three weeks, after a car crashed in to the telecoms box in Cores End Road on July 29.

A passerby unaware of the ongoing incident may mistake it as the site of a tragic accident, with flowers also accompany an ‘RIP’ sign, and a poster declaring ‘lost’ fibre optic broadband which is "fondly remembered by many residents of Bourne End."

Residents have previously expressed frustration towards their dealings with BT over the issue, which was initially unclear over when the problem would be fixed.

BT has since told BFP that road works have been scheduled on August 27 to August 29 to fix the damaged box, by which point users will have been left without broadband for a month.