The whistleblower who claims to have revealed “hate preaching” in three High Wycombe mosques fears he now faces “retaliation”.

Khalil Ahmed, a benefit appeal officer at Bucks County Council, says he could be put in danger and might be shunned from sections of the community after speaking out.

His allegations and complaints to Wycombe Islamic Mission and Trust are currently being investigated, while the three Imams at the centre of the row privately told MP Steve Baker they feel falsely accused.

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Mr Ahmed said: “I run the risk of putting myself in danger. I’m not meant to say these things, they are meant to stay behind closed doors.

“But, I could not just sit around and not say anything. My kids grew up here and I’m proud of this place.

“This sort of thing should not happen in High Wycombe, England or anywhere.

“We’ve had lots of issues here, so it can’t just be brushed under the carpet.”

Earlier today, the Bucks Free Press revealed Mr Ahmed’s shocking allegations against three High Wycombe Imams.

The mosque trust has now launched a full investigation to uncover if there was any wrongdoing.

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