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A holidaymaker was left “livid” after dash cam footage revealed airport car park staff took his new £50,000 Audi on a 131mph ‘joyride’ – just 45 minutes after he dropped off the keys.

Shocked Sean Beckerleg, from Gerrards Cross, thought using the drop off service at Gatwick Airport would mean his five-month-old blue Audi S3 would be safe and sound while he sunned himself for a week in Portugal.

But when returning from his relaxing break, the eagle-eye motorist immediately spotted the vehicle had travelled more than five miles.

He then checked his dash cam and realised to his horror that the car had flown down a 50mph dual carriageway at 131mph.

Footage clearly shows the speeding offence was done at 5.12pm on October 15 – less than an hour after Sean left his car with the parking service’s drivers at the airport’s North Terminal to go on his travels.

After complaining to car park bosses, the staff member was identified and later dismissed.

Chef Sean, 30, said: “As soon as anyone switches my car on, it starts recording and it logs lots of different types of information from GPS, Gforce, the miles per hour, the date, time, everything.

“I can even live stream the video to my phone if I want.

“I was pretty annoyed when he did 70mph in a 30mph zone.

“But when I saw him doing 131mph in a 50mph zone I was livid.

“The roads were clear, but that’s irrelevant.

“I could have ended up with a speeding ticket or ban without even doing anything wrong.”

Initially the rogue driver stays well within the 20mph limit as he winds past the airport’s Premier Inn.

But as he leaves a series of roundabouts, he accelerates to 77mph in a matter of seconds and then hits 131mph as he pulls out of an underpass before dropping the car in a secure location close to Gatwick’s North Terminal.

Just before parking up, the offending driver gets out of the vehicle to open a security gate.

And as he hops out of the car he can be heard saying: “Nice! Very nice!”

Car-mad Mr Beckerleg had gone on holiday with his partner Marta Grunte, 21, and daughter Chloe, 18 months.

He said he was even offered a wash with his parking for an extra fee, but hates anyone touching his car so declined.

He said: “As far as I was concerned I’d gone on holiday and my car was safe.

“You entrust them with your car, that it’s parked away safely and in an orderly manner.

“I was not happy - it’s only done 3,000 miles.

“What was even worse is at the end he clearly says ‘Nice! Very nice!’ and he’s talking about my car that he’s just thrashed.”

Sean says the car was not damaged and he was initially offered a refund of his £70 fee and two weeks of free parking, which he declined.

He says he was also told officials would offer the driver in question extra training.

But he says he is now considering sending the footage to the police due to the speed involved.

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport has since admitted the parking service had failed to come up to expected standards.

She said: “Gatwick Airport, and our car park operator Empark, takes its responsibility to look after vehicles left in our care by passengers very seriously.

“On this occasion, the high expectations that we have for all staff working across the airport were not met for which we apologise. “Once made aware of this matter, Empark contacted the police and are currently supporting their enquiries.

“The staff member has been identified and has been dismissed.”