A MAN who was beaten around the head with a glass bottle on The Rye on Wednesday has defended his choice not to ask police to investigate the attack.

Damien Hewetson, 28, says he was 'bottled' following a night out at Pure and Obsession nightclub in Oxford Street, High Wycombe.

We reported yesterday that part of The Rye, High Wycombe, where the assault is reported to have happened was cordoned off by police and that the victim had not wished to make a complaint.

Mr Hewetson, of London Road, High Wycombe, came forward after reading comments posted by readers on this website, criticising his decision.

He has hit back saying a painful assault almost ten years ago resulted in a lengthy court battle - with his then attacker ending up with just a £100 fine.

He added that he had a few drinks during his night out and, coupled with the blow to the head, couldn't remember much of the incident.

He was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital yesterday for treatment.

He said: "I just didn't fancy having a year making court appearances and can't be bothered with it - it was more bother than it was worth.

"Some of my mates ended up getting beaten up and he ended up with a £100 fine."

Mr Hewetson said he was also robbed and his wallet and £200 was taken. He said he couldn't even remember the account he gave police at the time but that if more evidence was available he might change his mind.

He said: "I haven't got the greatest recollection of events because I got struck around the head and at the most important time of the night my mind is completely blank.

"The police told me I had phoned for an ambulance saying I had been bottled, assaulted. I don't remember anything. I went back to the scene today and found a big pool of blood next to the bench.

"I have got nothing to go on and I am waiting to see if the police might have something to go on but I don't think they have and I can't help them out anymore."

The assault happened around 3.30am and Mr Hewetson suffered injuries to a finger as well as the head injury.

He said: "I have got really bad cuts to my finger which I think was trying to defend myself from this bottle. My finger was bleeding out of control."

He said he was unsure whether the attack actually took place in The Rye and that it may have happened just outside. He said it was possible that he may have stumbled into The Rye afterwards before calling an ambulance.