RESIDENTS have been objecting to a pub sign caricature which shows Prince Charles with a long nose and pendulous ears.

The Prince of Wales on Mill Road, Marlow, put up the sign about a month ago, and since then they have received several complaints.

However, landlord Simon peach says the sign is here to stay.

He said: "Everybody is entitled to their opinion. It's all about choice really.

"We had a few complaints but nothing direct - they all seem to have come through third parties.

"Generally people aren't brave enough to come in and make a comment face to face."

The sign replaced a more conventional sign which showed Prince Charles's official emblem - three white feathers emerging from a gold crown.

"I wanted to get rid of the traditional feathers and get something new. It's all just a bit tongue in cheek, really.

"The purpose was to get us talked about a bit, and it seems to have worked."

The sign seems to have gone down well with the regulars: "They love it.

"It's raised a few titters. A few people don't like it, but they're entitled to their opinion."

Despite the tension, Mr Peach said that the sign was just a bit of light hearted fun, and never intended to be offensive to anyone: "It was never intended as a slight on anyone's character.

"Charlie boy is depicted in the press all the time in caricature form."

And are there any plans to take it down in the future?

Mr Peach said: "No. I'm saving up to do the other sign as well."