CONSERVATIONIST Judy Gilbert has said political correctness has gone mad after the church which banned her from holding a fundraising event in its grounds complained about being barred from putting up its posters in a library.

Mrs Gilbert, from Working for Wildlife, was told she could not hold a table-top sale outside All Saints Church in Castle Street, High Wycombe, as her organisation has links with the League Against Cruel Sports which the church said was too political.

However, the Free Press recently reported how Wycombe Library put a stop to the church advertising a carol service as that was also deemed too political.

Mrs Gilbert said: "The very same church which rejected Working for Wildlife from holding a table top-sale in its grounds is now complaining it can't advertise a religious event in its local library. I wonder is this hypocrisy or poetic justice?

"All Saints Church claim to have rejected us on political grounds but now it appears that they can't take their own medicine and are whingeing.

"It seems the Church of England is very selective with its Christianity and that the season of goodwill to all men does not extend to our wildlife."

The church discussed the group's concerns at a meeting after it had been contacted by the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals.

But Richard Locke, church warden, said the parochial church council had decided not to change its mind.