A 75-YEAR-OLD cyclist is dreading new pot holes that are set to appear, and says peddling High Wycombe's roads is already “like doing an army assault course”.

Clive Twitchen said: “I've been cycling in the town for more than 60 years and I don't remember the roads ever being this bad.

“I just feel sorry for all the people who pay road tax. I use the London Road every day and it's been terrible over the last seven years.”

“People keep on saying 'where does all the money go' – if everybody knew that one there would be a revolution.”

The Loudwater man has been weaving between the pot holes which opened after the last icy period in December and warned there will be more on the way.

Buckinghamshire County Council has today turned its attention to pot holes and sent two crews out to fix them on emergency routes, which have been cleared by gritters.

Many secondary roads are still covered in snow and ice and the council is now gritting these before pot hole teams can move onto them.

Road tax ends up in the Government's coffers and it is hard to trace exactly where the money is spent.

The Government funds a large potion of Buckinghamshire County Council's budget, as well as the Highways Agency, which looks after motorways and major trunk roads.