A GIFT shop is backing a resident's campaign to change the name of the village to Bourne End-on- Thames by printing souvenir bags with its "future" title.

Crocks and Crystal in The Parade has already sold dozens of its canvas shopping bags which feature images of picturesque riverside scenes printed beside the name Bourne End-on-Thames".

Diane Goodchild, manager of the shop, said: "We just have two left now.

"They sold quite quickly. The tourists who come from America like them.

"There are several other Bourne Ends so it seems logical. I agree with the idea as does everyone else it seems."

The bags, which feature scenes of the village taken by a local photographer Gillian Eels, were printed following the launch last month of a campaign by Laura Hamilton, 60, of Southbourne Drive, Bourne End.

Mrs Hamilton, who has bought some of the bags to send to her friends in her native Canada, believes that the proposed name of the village would better reflect the fact that it's situated on the River Thames. She also believes that it would avoid confusion between the two other Bourne Ends in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire where villagers' post often ends up by accident.

Mrs Hamilton, a piano teacher, said: "I've been very happy with the response I've had to the campaign although I can't see how anyone can object to something which is going to make confusion less likely."

She has already been in touch with Wycombe District Council about the idea and has said that her MP Dominic Grieve has requested that she keeps him informed of her progress.

Even school children are discussing the idea.

She said: "School kids have got really interested in this. Some of my piano students have told me that they talk about it in the school playground."

Cllr Brian Pollock, Wycombe District councillor for Bourne End, said he is putting the name change on the agenda for the next Bourne End Health Check meeting in July, the date of which has yet to be confirmed.