AN eight-month pregnant woman and a two-year-old boy had to be treated for smoke inhalation after a fire in Broad Street, Chesham yesterday.

Two firefighter crews from Amersham Fire Station attended the incident at 2.47pm and remained until 6.07pm, putting out the fire and treating the pair. The road was closed to traffic for five hours.

The fire affected the roof and exterior of a three-storey building which had a shop below and flats at the back.

Firefighters believe it was started when rubbish was piled up against the wall and involved a brazier, a metal container used for fires.

Watch manager Sam Sansom who attended the scene said they had not yet determined whether it was started accidentally or deliberately, but said Thames Valley Police were investigating.

He said the house had been 15 per cent damaged by fire and 30 per cent damaged by smoke but had been declared as safe for people to return inside.

Thames Valley Police said: "The fire appears to be a bin fire that got out of control and has not been confirmed as arson."