WOMEN who underwent assessments after breast screenings between 2005 and 2011 have been contacted by a health trust over concerns about the doctor that saw them.

The move was sparked after a separate review into this particular doctor’s assessment practice got underway at another hospital.

This doctor had previously worked in Bucks and – while there are no concerns regarding their practice during their time here – the Trust has been advised by Public Health England to conduct its own review into their assessment practice.

The Trust and Aylesbury and Wycombe Breast Screening Service say they have reviewed details of all 1,008 patients seen by the doctor in the assessment clinic between 2005 and 2011. From this they have identified 60 women who have not had a routine mammogram since and are inviting them back for a screening appointment.

The Trust has stressed that only these 60 women are affected, and that this is a historical concern – not a current one – and that it is strictly a precautionary measure.

The assessments would have occurred if any possible abnormalities had been spotted in the mammogram screening process, possibly leading to more imaging, an ultrasound scan or a biopsy.

The Trust stressed there are no concerns for the thousands of women who underwent breast screening and were not invited back for further assessment.

Nor are there any concerns for the women who attended an assessment clinic, were given the all-clear and have subsequently continued to attend breast screening on a three-yearly basis.

Dr Tina Kenny, medical director at the Trust, said: “It is important to us that we provide reassurance and peace of mind to those women who have been contacted through this review. Because of the period of time that has passed since these women have had their follow-up assessment, we believe that for the majority there will be no further action required. We are truly sorry for any anxiety caused to those women and we are offering them our full support.

“I would like to reassure the people of Buckinghamshire that they can be confident in our breast screening and assessment services. AWBSS operates a quality screening service that is regularly monitored and quality assured by Public Health England, which over the past ten years has found that we deliver a good service year on year.”

The Trust has been unable to disclose details of the concern surrounding the doctor in question at this time.

A telephone helpline has been set up on 01494 426200 should any patients have concerns. Local GPs have also been informed.