COUNCIL chiefs have been attacked for wasting taxpayers' money with leaflets about the proposed £1.5m athletics track in Little Marlow.

A total of £274 was spent by Wycombe District Council producing 230 flyers about the scheme, opposed by some residents, who fear the impact on the green belt.

The purpose of the project is to relocate the track from Handy Cross, High Wycombe, as part of developments at that site.

If approved, the track would be placed on land at Westhorpe Farm, on a 30 year lease.

Plans to move it to Hazlemere have already fallen through after outcry there.

Leading campaigner Martin Braint said he could just not get his head around the leaflet delivered to residents recently.

He said: "The leaflet is a complete waste of tax-payers money and there is no reason for it as there will be no way it will persuade us."

Little Marlow Parish Councillor Barbara Wallis agreed it was a waste of taxpayers' cash and said: "I understand the leaflets represent the applicants, and it is the sort of thing developers would do, but it is very unfortunate it came out with the WDC logo."

The application has been submitted by the council but its planning committee has the power to reject it.

Cllr Wallis criticised the pamphlet, saying parts were 'misleading'

Residents association chairman William Northcroft also questioned various points listed on the leaflets.

Council spokesman Catherine Spalton acknowledged the scheme has generated some concerns in Little Marlow and said the leaflet was produced in order to answer questions raised by residents.

The council has refuted claims about increased traffic and parking problems in the area and said the green belt will not be developed further as a result. Although there has to be special circumstances to build on there, sporting schemes such as this are not forbidden.

Miss Spalton said: "The relocation of the athletics track is fundamental to the development of the new sports and leisure centre at Handy Cross. By relocating the track, it means that the current sports centre can remain open while a new one is built."