A secondary school in Great Missenden held a careers fair last week to help their sixth-form students decide which steps to take after finishing school.

The Misbourne School event took place in their new building - an extension of sixth-form facilities – on Thursday.

The annual event was attended by more than 70 employers and education providers including representatives from the engineering, law, accountancy, teaching, animal care and travel industries.

Helen Hill, careers coordinator at The Misbourne, said: “The fair gave students a great opportunity to see the range of options out there for them.

“We are really lucky here that there are loads of the local community that want to work with us.

“We had gap-year providers, universities and employers as well as five apprenticeship providers – who attract a lot more interest these days.

“Around 70 per cent of our sixth form go on to university but I think students and parents are becoming more informed that it isn’t the only option.

“It’s about getting the information out there so they can make informed decisions.

“Employers made it clear that it is not just about grades, they value ‘soft-skills’ like communication which was something they complimented the students on.

“The fare has been growing every year and the feedback that we have had has been great. They said the students seemed really engaged.”