A love-struck pig battled his way through four electric fences on his way to impregnating a sow during a midnight liaison on a farm near Longwick, it was revealed this week.

Orchard View Farm’s owner Jim Mackellar was only aware of the affectionate animal’s antics when the female gave birth last weekend.

The farmer suspected that the single-minded mammal was using the cover of darkness to sneak into the female quarters before scaling the fences once again to return to his own pen.

Mr Mackellar said: “When I discovered the litter of piglets is was a huge surprise because the sows and boars are kept in separate pens which are each surrounded by a sturdy electric fence.

“The fences is hooked up to the mains and it has a hefty kick if you accidentally touch it – I know from experience.

“I can only assume a young boar has sneaked out of his pen, taken a zap from his fence and then sneaked into the pen containing three young sows - all for a night of passion under the stars!

“And added to this, he would have taken another two zaps on the way back to his sty - you've got to admire determination like that really. That's a pig who knows what he wants despite the costs.”

Orchard View Farm is home to rare breed Large Black and Lop Pigs as well as sheep and white deer.

“More piglets are always good news and these ones are very cute,” Mr Mackellar added. “It goes to prove what clever determined creatures they are.”

The farm on Stockwell Lane is running a free lambing event over the Easter weekend (except Monday) which includes a garden Easter egg hunt.

For more information visit www.orchardviewfarm.co.uk.